The Formula for Success

December 15, 2005

Let’s consider three approaches to life:

1. Making things happen
2. Watching things happen
3. Waiting for things to happen to you

We all adopt each of these approaches at various times in our life, but most of us have one approach that we tend to use the majority of the time. Which one do you use most often?

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Coach Anyone about Anything: How to Help People Succeed in Business and Life by Germaine Porche and Jed Niederer

December 2, 2005

Why would I review a book that seems geared toward coaches on a website that is not geared toward coaches? Yes, Coach Anyone about Anything by Germaine Porche and Jed Niederer offers some great advice and guidance for the professional coach, but it’s also a valuable source of coaching tools that you can use to coach yourself, your family, even your employees.

You’ll learn the difference between leadership, management, and coaching; and when each is appropriate. You’ll learn how to focus on results-producing actions instead of busy-work activities. You’ll learn the four attributes necessary to accomplish your goals, which ones are holding you back, and how to improve them. You’ll learn how to listen and ask evocative questions. You’ll learn a technique for fast and effective process mapping. And you’ll learn a powerful model for auditing the positive and negative forces that shape your life and your destiny.

There are sections that will have interest and value only to the professional coach, and the prose is clumsy at times, but there is enough of universal value here for me to recommend this book as an effective personal growth resource. And if you’re working with a coach, you’ll love the chapter on how to become more coachable so that you can get even more out of your coaching sessions.

Coach Anyone about Anything illustrates very clearly that no matter who we are, we all are in a position to coach someone. As they say in the first sentence of the Introduction, “Everyone can be a coach to help others.”