Perfectionism – When High Standards Attack!

March 20, 2007

What’s wrong with striving for perfection? Doesn’t that mean that you will always do your best?

Let’s consider those two standards–“be perfect” and “do your best.” Are they really equivalent?

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Time Management – How to Make Time for Anything

March 7, 2007

If you’re like me, your day fills up fast, doesn’t it? Work, errands, chores around the house. Maybe some leisure time with family and friends, if you’re lucky.

And that leaves you with a nagging list of things you never get to:

“I know I should exercise, but I just don’t have the time.”

“I’d love to learn to paint, but I’m too busy to take classes.”

“I can’t plan my day because I have too many emergencies to deal with.”

Now for the reality check. You’re not totally, completely, monumentally busy, are you?

As a friend of mine once said, if people were really as busy as they say they are, television ratings would suck.

So why is it that you have time for your favorite TV shows each week, for example, but not for exercise or planning or learning to paint?

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Time Management – Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work

March 5, 2007

“Hey, I use a to-do list! So what’s the problem with my to-do list?”

That’s like asking, what’s the problem with giving your spouse an anniversary card to show your love. That’s great, but if it’s the only way you express your affection, then your marriage is in trouble.

Using to-do lists is better than not using any system to manage your tasks and responsibilities. But when it becomes the cornerstone of your time management system, you’ve got a problem. And if you’re reading this, then clearly your to-do list is not giving you the results you want.

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