My New Business Card

April 12, 2007

Thanks to Quinton for “redesigning” my business card:


Too much?  😉

(This is a joke, in case it’s not obvious.)


Dance, Monkeys, Dance!

April 9, 2007

Get More Done in Less Time

April 6, 2007

There are high-value uses of your time and low-value uses of your time. And a lack of clarity about the value of your actions will hurt your productivity.

What exactly do we mean by high-value and low-value?

The value comes from the degree to which the action produces the results that are most important to you. Those results might be tangible like money, quantifiable like losing weight, or subjective like happiness.

Let me use a conversation I recently overheard at the supermarket as an example to illustrate how this lack of clarity might show up in one’s life.

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