“She and I are soulmates,” my friend said.

Now before I continue, let’s look at what most people mean when they use the word “soulmate.” It’s that one special person in life you’re destined to meet and live happily ever after with.

A friend of my sister’s went even further. He believed that before you’re born, a soul splits in two. One half manifests in this world as you, the other as your soulmate. When you find each other, the soul is reunited.

Hogwash. Utter hogwash, I say.

I’ve never been comfortable with the fairy tale that there is one person and only one person you are meant to be with. And even those soulmate apologists who allow for the possibility of multiple soulmates don’t convince me.

So when my friend (a guy who is very tuned in) used the word soulmate, I was interested to see where he was going with it.

“She and I are soulmates,” he said. “Like Sandra and I–she’s another soulmate.”

Interesting… Two soulmates at the same time… And then–bam!–it hit me. “Whoa!” I said. (Yes, I said it aloud.)

The individual people we call soulmates are simply glimpses we have of the Oneness of everything. We don’t know what we’re seeing so we think it’s special, even unique, to the person we’re seeing it in. But it’s not.

As if a ray of light emits from a crack in a dark wall, and we think the crack must be the source of the light. And if a second crack were to emit another ray, we’d think it must be a separate source of light. But the truth is that a single sun burns brightly behind that dark wall.

Each and every person in the world is your soulmate. Most of the time, you can’t see through the illusion of separateness–the individual identities we create for ourselves. So you miss the Oneness behind it all. But every once in a while, you meet someone and you see past the illusion. You see the bright sun behind the dark wall of our every day perceived reality.

You see to the Soul, the One Soul that is all of us.

What might life be like if we felt that soulmate connection with each and every person?

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