We Fall Down

October 15, 2007

Yesterday I went to see my friend Jim sing in the Higher Ground event at the First United Methodist Church in Germantown. But to call it a church is a little misleading. Aside from the architecture, it was unlike any church I’d been to. Instead of being somber and serious, the energy was playful and uplifting.

About a third of the way through the event, a teenage girl got up on stage to sing Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” (that should give you a good idea of what kind of church this was).

She hadn’t even finished the first verse and the microphone slipped out of the mic holder. She was already nervous, and this unexpected problem pushed her over the edge. She stopped singing and started to cry.

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Trust vs. Fear: How Safe Do You Feel?

October 2, 2007

A fundamental question that we all must answer for ourselves is this: Do I live in a universe that is safe or unsafe?

In other words, do you trust that the events in your life are for the best and that all of your needs will be met? Or are you afraid that they won’t?

I had a first date about a week ago with a woman I met online that put this question front and center for me.

We’d exchanged many fun, interesting, and playful emails prior to our date. And we’d had two great telephone conversations–both of which only ended because it got so late we had to get to sleep. So I was excited and optimistic to meet her in person.

And when we did, our date was a blast. We went for a beautiful hike, talked non-stop for about six hours, joked and laughed. But the next day she tells me she’s not interested.

Now you have to understand that on paper we were perfect for each other. Our interests, our values, our spiritual beliefs, our rapport–it was all a great fit. What went wrong?

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Now is NOW

September 22, 2007

Last weekend, I woke up early on Saturday morning to meet a friend for tennis. As I left my apartment, I didn’t give the beautiful tree outside my window a second glance, trusting that it was as fixed as the building itself…

When I returned in the early afternoon, the tree was gone.

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