Client Results

Many people ask me, “So what do you do?” The easiest way to answer that question is to give a few examples of the kinds of results I’ve helped my clients achieve:

Business Coaching client: Male, late 20s, married

Reason for hiring me Results
At a make-or-break point with his new freelance copywriting business, and not sure what to do. Goals: $10k in 3 months, yearly income of $100k within 5 years Sold $14k in contracts in 3 months (40% higher than goal), and reached a yearly income of $100k in just 4 years (1 year sooner than goal).

Life Coaching client: Male, mid-30s, married with children

Reason for hiring me Results
Frustrated with the yo-yo cycle of weight-loss and having trouble finding time for health with his job and family responsibilities always taking priority. Goal: Lose 30 lbs. in 1 year Lost 32 lbs in only 9 months (3 months sooner than goal), reaching his lowest weight in 10 years, while still giving his family and career the attention it needed. Since we last spoke, he’s maintained this loss for 5 months, far longer than any other previous loss.

Business Coaching client: Female, late 40s, married

Reason for hiring me Results
Owner of a yoga studio that was “profitable” because she wasn’t paying herself (a common challenge for small business owners) Goal: $80k salary More than doubled her business (80 clients/wk to 195 clients/wk) in less than 1 year, bringing her half-way ($40k) to her salary goal. Her passion is reinvigorated, and she believes we will reach her goal in 6-12 more months.

Life Coaching client: Female, 40, unmarried

Reason for hiring me Results
Freelance writer wanting to find more consistent work. Goal: eliminate her $15k debt Quadrupled her income in 15 months (landed a writing position with $75k salary). Debt-free plus $20k in savings in 21 months.

Business Coaching client: Male, mid-30s, unmarried

Reason for hiring me Results
Stalled in his attempts to shoot his short film. Goal: Make a very successful short film and progress to feature-length films Shot his short on 35mm film (screened at over 100 festivals in 23 countries, on TV in Europe and Australia, won over $15k in prizes), completed a second short (won a $3k prize), and shot his first feature (secured a New York City premiere).

Business Coaching client: Male, early 30s, unmarried

Reason for hiring me Results
Help him interview for a dream job, and then succeed in his new position if hired Hired to create a brand new department based on an emerging technology. $100k starting salary—double his highest previous salary (the equivalent of a 100% raise). New department broke even in 18 months (recouping all start-up costs) and has remained profitable since.

Life Coaching client: Male, 30, married

Reason for hiring me Results
Moved to a new state, feeling lost and lonely, unemployed and unmotivated in a bad economy Got focused, found a stop-gap job, learned to manage negative states of mind and debilitating emotions, and began visioning a longer-term career plan more in line with his talents and passions.

Life Coaching client: Female, mid-40s, unmarried

Reason for hiring me Results
Feeling stuck in life, lonely, and neither peaceful nor productive Learned to focus on what she really wants, what she’s feeling, and the choices she’s making and why; learned to love herself enough to let someone be close. She left a relationship with a man who didn’t want anyone to even know they were dating and created a relationship with a man who loves her openly (they recently got engaged).

Life Coaching client: Female, mid-40s, married

Reason for hiring me Results
Not following through on her dream to write music In just weeks she wrote her first song, in honor of two friends who’d died very recently. She performed it for a small group that knew these friends well; they were moved to tears by the song, thanking her for such a heart-felt tribute. She has since begun writing her second song.

Life Coaching client: Female, late-20s, unmarried

Reason for hiring me Results
Depressed and manic, struggling to hold down a job, debt increasing, binge eating and drinking, on verge of losing relationship with boyfriend Gained clarity and strength to seek professional help without shame; confident and successful in a new job with lots of responsibility; relationship with boyfriend reached a new level of trust; health has taken on a holistic focus as a part of her healing; turned finances over to a friend to learn to be more responsible with spending

If these results inspire you and you’d like to request a Strategy Session, please call 484-928-0247.


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